The Start of it All: The Perfect Venue

Or in our case, three perfect venues.

Luckily, we’re both having our mayoun’s at home so we don’t need to look for a 4th (or 5th) venue.

Finding the right venue seems to be the hardest decision for me. I know what I want my decor, outfits, cake etc to look like, but the venue is something I’m struggling with. Anything that I really love and want, is way over our budget. In my head, I tried justifying the price tag that comes with some gorgeous venues (Royal Ambassador anyone?),  and I almost succeeded. But then I thought about it a little more and realized I’d rather spend money on some other things.

I made a list of things that will (hopefully) help me narrow down from my extensive list of venues:

  • Affordable: Money, money, money. Everything has a price tag.
  • The overall look of the venue: Do I want a formal banquet hall? A gorgeous view of the skyline? A little bit of outdoors? Daytime vs. Evening look?
  • MUST haves at the Venue: Example: nice carpet. A few weekends ago, I was convinced I had my wedding venue. I went in to see the place and realized it wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it and I hated the carpet. Um, black, pink and green carpet? No thanks. Although most people probably don’t even pay attention to the carpet, it is something I take note of at every wedding.
    Lighting is another major thing for me – some places have bright white lights whereas others have more of an orange-y glow. One type of lighting may work better than the other based on the kind of look you want to create.
  • Food: Very important to me (and the parents!)
  • Capacity: Our guest list is sort of in the middle – we don’t have a small wedding (less than 150 people) nor a big wedding (400+). Finding the perfect venue for our wedding is challenging because:
    1) Many venues are too small for us;
    2) While the larger venues offer “dividers” for our size, I really don’t want to have my wedding next to someone else’s. The additional soundtrack playing in the background from the wedding next door really alters the ambiance of my wedding. While there are tear-jerking speeches going on at my wedding, the next door wedding may be  having a dance off. Do I really want to hear Punjabi MC (ok, I’m not up-to-date with the Punjabi music scene but they were cool at one point, right?) during our speeches? I think not.
    Oh and dividers are simply ugly. Unless you want to shell out the $ and cover the dividers completely, I’m not a fan.
  • Parking: Soooo I found some gorgeous halls downtown Toronto. Yes, they were pricey but not crazy pricey that I’d cancel them out completely. The problem? Parking. Desi people just don’t like paying for parking – I’d probably offend a million and one people if there was paid parking at my wedding. Some venues do allow you to pre-pay for parking – but at a cost of between $500 – $1,000, I decided meh. I’d rather spend that on money on something else.

My advice: Prioritize. List everything you want in the order of most to least important.

Look out for my next post on some insanely gorgeous venues!


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