Wearing YOUR Wedding Outfit

So I just saw someone’s wedding pictures and had to address this because its something that really annoys me: seeing some random girl/aunty/woman/whatever dressed up in THEIR wedding outfit on someone elses’ big day. What is up with that?

We have all seen it happen – you go to a wedding and realize that OOPS, it looks like there are two brides instead of one. Why girls?! We all get to wear our wedding outfit on our big day – we stress endlessly about making sure that we look ‘different’, ‘unique’ and stand out from the crowd. So then, why would we want to outshine or be more dressed up than the bride on HER big day?

I don’t get it. I just don’t.

I realize some sister(s)-of-the brides wear it – and that’s fine if your sister (the bride) is okay with it. But other than that one exception, I don’t understand it.

If you want to a Western wedding – would you show up in a floor-length white dress? I highly doubt it.
Sooo please don’t to it to other ‘brown’ brides.

I get that some women want to get more than one wear out of their wedding dress, but don’t ruin someone elses’ day by wearing your own. If you really must, atleast don’t wear your red dress on someones wedding day (the day you are most likely to be wearing the same colour as the bride).

Just some wedding attire etiquette!

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6 responses to “Wearing YOUR Wedding Outfit

  • Steph

    You’re too funny Shaza! And I completely agree!
    My mom wore a white skirt suit to my aunt’s wedding. I saw the video recently (since I was 3 when it happened) and I scolded her. White? A white suit? To your sister’s wedding? For shame!!

  • wedding etiquette

    Congrats you’ve earned my respect

  • Yusra

    Hey Shaza !
    you’re soo right ! I know that in desi weddings some newlyweds brides show up wearing their wedding outfits but not the red ones ! I know that they wear their walima dress ( coz it’s not red n usually is light n simple ) for a sasuraal wedding , but wearing the red one is hilarious !! lol
    Even in here they do it ! ( Ps : I come from a country where during the wedding the bride wears several outfits ( oh yeah ! more than 3 😀 different colors each .for the big day , but for the mehndi just one , nd maybe 2 for the walima ) ) so ususally a newlywed comes wearing one of her wedding outfits but not the white one .
    If one come wearing white at my wedidng I’ll make sure my bro n cousins make her leave the wedding immidiately ! 😀

  • Sarah Khan

    Hey shaza, was this your first ever post? Means I have read your whole blog? woohoooo ❤

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