An Update on Venues

Lately, all my free time has been dedicated to setting up appointments and visitng venues. You’d think that since it’s almost been one year since our baat pakki/engagement, I’d have everything down and know exactly where I was getting married, right? Wrong. The more time you have, the more options you can look at – atleast for someone like me.

My wedding spreadsheet is isane ; I have a list of approximately 130 venues – which I have thankfully narrowed down by eliminating the crazy expensive and plain ol’ ugly ones. Btw girls, spreadsheets are a brides best friend – colour coded columns/rows, tabs, filters… seriously, it just makes life easier. Even narrowing down the list was tough; there’s the constant battle between “this is SO expensive” and “but this is THE biggest day of our lives.” It’s hard, but ultimately, it IS one day – it’s the people that make the wedding fun and memorable (okay, maybe a little bit of the decor and venue too).

Last weekend we met 3 vendors – one of whom really annoyed me (more on that in a different post) with the lack of customer service skills. The weekend coming up, we have 6 back-to-back appointments and we might try to squeeze in 2 more. We’re insane, I know.

I must say, Nouman is extremely helpful when it comes to wedding stuff… really! Most grooms-to-be don’t really care about the planning aspect and leave it up to their fiances but Nouman has been great (Alhamdulilah). He rolls his eyes endlessly everytime I mention anything wedding and tells me not to stress out but he actually cares about the wedding, you know what I mean? He listens to all my crazy decor ideas, goes along to meet any vendor I suggest and he even tried helping me with setting up venue appointments yesterday! That didn’t work out too well; he got confused and ended up saying “how do you do all this?” (just what I wanted to hear).
But in all seriousness, he has been great Alhamdulilah.



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