Wedding Crashers

Saturday was so much fun. I was totally bracing myself for a long and tiring day (which it was) but I didn’t realize how much fun we’d have along the way. We had scheduled 7 appointments back-to-back – SO tiring!

Knowing Nouman, I knew he loves to sleep in so he was sacrificing alot by waking up at 9:30am for these appointments. Anyway, with breakfast and snacks in hand for him, I headed out to get started on our day.

As we got to our first appointment, our excitement kicked in! We looked around, loved the guy we were working with and the place aswell.

The second appointment was at Toscana by Hilton. Neither one of us felt any synergy with the lady we met (Ana Lisa) and we didn’t fall in love with their room. Oh btw, there was some kind of event happening at their place and the food smelt delicious!

We liked the next couple of places we checked out but either the price was too high or we didn’t get the right vibe (by we, I mean Nouman). I’ll post up individual reviews later but for now, the funnest part about our day: wedding crashing!!!

So we wanted to check out a hall but didn’t have an appointment so we decided to swing by the place and have a quick look around. As we entered the parking lot, we realized that there must be an event going on since there were a gazillion cars there. We decided to go in anyway. We walked in (in all our glory – jeans, hoodies, tuques) and clearly didn’t fit into the formal attire everyone was wearing. Meh. We repeated this 3 times. The stares we got – priceless!!!

Just to clarify: we didn’t go inside anyone’s wedding – so don’t worry, we didn’t ruin anyones big day! We just walked through the lobby and peaked into the rooms. Haha. So much fun!


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