Pakistan Fashion Week 2011

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting on my couch waiting for the rest of the gang to wake up. I tried studying but wasn’t in the mood and ofcourse there’s absolutely nothing good coming on the TV at this time, so I thought I’d blog!

The 2011 Pakistan Fashion Week started off earlier this week – time to check out new trends!


  • Kameez Length: are getting shorter – although many designers still had the long shirts, some displayed knee-length shirts aswell. Have a look at the outfits by Nickie and Nina below. Some of their chooridars were even slightly above the knee – which is a long way away from the past/current trend of looong shirts with chooridars.

Nickie and Nina's Collection @ Pakistanion Fashion Week 2011

Nickie and Nina's Collection @ Pakistanion Fashion Week 2011

  • Colour: there was a range of colour showcased at the fashion shows. While some designers opted for the rock/edgy feel by choosing blacks and metallics, others went for bold and bright. Check out the picture below for Sublime by Sara’s collection.

Sublime by Sara @ Pakistani Fashion Week 2011

  • Cuts and Shapes: Although the overall silhoutte is slightly more fitted than what we have seen in the past year, the flowy-ness is still in. Yeay! So girls, we can look pretty and still eat those buffets.

It will be interesting to see how these translate into Pakistani bridal fashion!

*All the above pictures are from Day 1 of Fashion Week.


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