The Rishta Aunty

Oh yeah, I’m going there.

I think most of us have experience with the rishta aunty. She is the matchmaker that pops up everywhere – at dinners, weddings, at the mall and anywhere else that you can possibly imagine.

I’m sure alot of us can remember atleast one incident where we were approached by a rishta aunty (RA) in a public setting. Do you remember how you felt? Embarrassed? A little flattered? Awkward? Annoyed? All of the emotions listed and then some?

This is how a usual encounter with a RA goes down:

RA spots a beautiful, young girl. She whispers to another RA and they both stare at the girl and watch her every move. Once they approve, they are ready to make a move.
RA: Beta, how old are you? What do you do?
You: Ummm, *awkward smile*, I’m working/studying/whatever
RA: Where is your ammi?
You: *Points* Over there (and hopes the interrogation is over)

So wrong! The interview now shifts – the mother of the girl is flagged down and befriended. The notebooks come out and there is an exchange of number. Lets face it, as much as you want your mom to say NO, she’s not going to (unless the RA is extremely weird ofcourse).

In all honesty, I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with using a RA for a shaadi. It’s hard to find good guys (and vice versa) these days, so why not use help when you need it? Whether you meet your partner through a friend, family member, or RA, there really isn’t much difference. At the end of the day, how you met isn’t too important – the fact that you both are compatible is what counts.

My issue isn’t with most RA’s, it’s more with the ignorant ones. Like the ones you’ve heard of that are looking for the gori, tall, pretty girls.

  • “Beta, aap ka colour kaisa hai?”
    (What is your complexion?)
  • or “Aap ki height kitni hai?”
    (What is your height?)
  • or “Tumhe khana toh pakana ata hai?”
    (You do know how to cook, right?)

The funniest bunch of RA’s I’ve seen? A few years ago, at a wedding, there were a bunch of RA’s that were literally walking around the hall with notebooks and pens – making notes, exchanging numbers, etc. Um, seriously?! It was quite funny actually!

Thankfully, I have never personally dealt with a RA. Sure, I’ve been gauged out at weddings – who hasn’t? I’ve experienced the stare of the RA – who watches like a hawk and then smiles when you catch her looking. And we all know what happens the next day – your mom gets a call from the RA; she got your phone number from so-and-so aunty and the RA really likes you and has the perfect guy. That happens to everyone. But thankfully, I haven’t had anything go further than that.

Crazy rishta stories, I’ve got lots of those!


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