Wedding Guestlist

What a pain.

Guest-lists are time consuming!

I drafted a quick guest list a few weeks after my baat tay happened, just to get an idea of the numbers we were dealing with. Thankfully, since Nouman and I are family friends, we have alot of people in common. BUT, I think most Pakistani’s (and desi people in general) know how extensive our guest lists are. So even with the many people we have in common, our guest list will be too big for my liking.

I would love to have a wedding of only 100 people – so intimate and cozy! And imagine all the extra money I would have to spend on other things. Yup, so awesome!

Having said that, I also can’t imagine not having most of the people that will be attending the wedding. Most of the people that we’re inviting are people that I’ve grown up seeing, or have played an integral part in my life during highschool/university/etc. So really, as much as I would like a small wedding, I really can’t imagine cutting those important people out.

Sooo I guess I can blame our wedding guestlist number on our culture, right?

I keep telling myself that atleast we’re not having a crazy big wedding with 400 + people. We’ve all been to weddings that were huge and just all over the place. I really want to stay clear of the large, chaotic wedding. I think I’ll be okay InshAllah – our guest list isn’t that big.

So how far have I gotten with the guestlist? We’re in the back-and-forth phase right now. I sent a guestlist to my parents and asked them to look over it. They added an additional 20 people and said not to worry, this is just the “first draft.” Since then, we’ve added around 20 more people.

That’s okay – atleast we have a rough idea of our numbers 🙂


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