Real Weddings: Anum and Furqan

Yeay! My first Real Wedding post! I am so excited to share this wedding because well, I love it!

Like most girls, I love looking at wedding pictures. As my wedding is coming closer, my obsession is taking new heights… seriously.It’s always interesting to see how other brides envision their day – it’s a great source of inspiration for other bride-to-be’s.

One random day of googling led me to an upcoming photographers’ website – Rima Darwash.  Not only is Rima stunning herself, but her coverage of the wedding below blew me away.

Now to this gorgeous Pakistani wedding of Anum and Furqan. I think this is one of my favouritest weddings of 2010. Both the bride and groom are hot – hence, they make a super hot couple…. which probably adds to the amazing wedding. Their venue was extremely grand; high ceilings, an antique feel and a beautiful tent. The wedding was chic, classy and elegant. Everything was so well put together and yet it seemed effortless.

Photography by Rima Darwash


There is something about the picture below that always makes me want to keep looking at the picture. It might be the soft draping of the tent, or the look of anticipation of the guests as they wait for the bride, or maybe the figure of the groom standing alone in the background. I’m not sure, but it always catches my eye.


Guests and a gorgeous marquee

Check out those gorgeous choos!

Spot the bride and groom!


What a stunning wedding. Soft, elegant, and beautiful.

Your thoughts? Leave a comment!

Have a great weekend everyone – enjoy the gorgeous weather 🙂

Photography by Rima Darwash


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