The Modern Bride: Whoopie Pies!

Uh-oh, is that competition I smell?

As I mentioned on my previous post, there is potentially a new trend taking over in 2011. Move over cupcakes, make some space for Whoopie Pies!

What in the heck are Whoopie Pies? I’m sure there is some fancy shmancy way of describing them, but they look like icecream sandwiches to me. It’s basically a creamy frosting sandwiches between 2 layers of chocolate cake.

Francesco Tonelli for NY Times

Funny name for a treat, right? There is dispute on where it originates from but I like the story that goes something like this: A long, long time ago, Amish mothers used to make a treat for their children. They sandwiched creamy frosting between layers of chocolate cake and packed it into their children’s lunch box. When the children opened their lunch box and saw the treat, they would scream “Whoopie Pies!”

SO cute!

Anyway, I can see the potential for these to hit it off BIG. Alot of weddings in Maine (where this is said to originate) already use large Whoopie Pies instead of traditional cake.

I realized recently, that I’ve tried Whoopie Pies! Except, I had the packaged kind and they weren’t that great. I guess it would be like trying packaged macarons – gross! I’m totally looking forward to trying fresh Whoopie Pies though. I’ve even put in an order for Ghazal to make them for me 🙂

What do you think?

Image via Pringleblog


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