You Can Call Me Gross.

Are you ready to learn how to eat cake?

This isn’t for everyone.

But I love it.

The reason I’m posting this is simply because on Sunday, I had a whole bag of the super-sized Lays BBQ chips by myself. Hafsa did have one handful – but she’s not a fan of BBQ. Obviously, I’ve been feeling guilty about it since Sunday and so I’ve told everyone – probably to shame myself into not doing it again (yeah right!). I generally eat really healthy … but when you’ve got crazy cravings and there’s junk food near you, what can you do?

Sooo besides eating a yummy, decadent chocolate cake by itself, I love eating a cake and chips samwich.

Is that gross?

You can’t say anything until you try it! Basically, you take some cake and sandwich it between 2 chips – BBQ, regular, sour cream and onion – and then you eat it. It tastes sooo good!

A point to note: the flavour of chips you have with your cake is pretty important. Not all chocolate cakes go well with sourcream and onion (or any other flavour). It has to be the perfect combination for the sandwich to taste amazing.
Also, the ratio of the cake/chips is crucial. If you have too much cake or chips, it doesn’t taste all that amazing.

Hazelnut Crunch Cake with BBQ Chips


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