Wedding Etiquiettes: Kids

I love kids but I have to put this out there.

I don’t understand why parents bring misbehaved kids to weddings.

I know many couples opt to have a “no children allowed” policy at weddings (becoming increasingly popular at desi weddings), but I don’t agree with that. Well, not entirely anyway. I think it’s great to have children at weddings – especially since we’re not living in countries where we have our roots. Weddings are a perfect place for children to see and understand the richness of their culture. If kids only hear about weddings, but don’t actually experience them until they are older, I think they will miss out.

Sooo I do think it’s great to have little people at weddings.

BUT, what I can’t ever agree with is misbehaved kids – the ones that hang off curtains; dip their hands in your mehendi (henna) trays and then try to touch your clothes; run around on your stage ruining every picture; dance their way onto the dance-floor when there’s a choreographed performance happening; ruin your entrance/rukhsati by walking between you and your husband… the list is endless.

Kids are kids, they don’t know what’s right or wrong unless someone tells them. Naturally, it annoys me that when I see children acting out at weddings, their parents just sit back and relax. They will literally just sit there and continue talking to other aunties and uncles – completely oblivious to the antics of their children.

Parents – DON’T ruin someone elses big day. Just because you are at a wedding does not mean you can stop parenting. Look after your children, tell them when they are doing something wrong and above all, explain to them about the importance of being well-behaved at such an important event.

And if you can’t handle your kids behaviour, hire a baby-sitter or call an aunty or uncle and leave them home. Teach them and prepare them for the next wedding and when they are ready, bring them along! 🙂


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One response to “Wedding Etiquiettes: Kids

  • Yusra

    I totally agree with you !! in every thing you said ! but though if I was a mother and my childern too young to understand that they ought to well behave I’d rather leave them with someone n come to enjoy the wedding myself ! 😀

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