The Royal Wedding: From Kate to Queen in Waiting

Ahhh!! Hafsa and I are watching the wedding as I blog this.

Aww such a cute moment in history! The ceremony was really cute – while there were 1900 people present at the church and millions (billions?) of people watching, the ceremony still seemed to be very much just about William and Kate. They both looked totally adorable together! I love watching weddings and watching the little smiles and glances between the couple – so cute.

I’m pretty sure that when Kate was making her way to the altar, Prince Harry said “Wait till you see her” to Prince William – that is so cute! When Kate finally made it to the altar and was standing by William, he told her she looked beautiful – can somebody say AWWW? 🙂

As Kate and her dad were making their way to the Church, her dad looked more nervous than she did. I do think Kate looked a bit nervous at the altar – but hey, who wouldn’t? The fact that she didn’t collapse from the nervousness is good enough for me 🙂

She looked like her pretty self – I had predicted she’d have her hair half up and half down and that she’d most likely be wearing fitted, full sleeve lace sleeves. She looked sweet, sophisticated, nervous and happy. Her dress wasn’t too big or too dramatic. It was a perfect balance of chic and traditional. The bottom half wasn’t to my liking, but she pulled off the whole look with grace. As they walk back down the aisle together, they look happy, relaxed and regal (duh, they ARE royals, right?).

Picture via the Time Magazine

Picture via

Aww! Picture via the Herald Sun

With this ring... 🙂 Picture via the Time Magazine

Kate and her daddy. Picture via the Herald Sun

Finally, a full view of the dress. Picture via USA Today

About to enter Westminster Abby. Picture via the Herald Sun

Picture via Reuters


Picture via Time MagazinePicture via Time Magazine


Picture via Time Magazine


Aww! Picture via USA Today


Picture via Time Magazine

Oh, the wedding party looked great too! The little boys and girls were so well mannered and their outfits were so adorable!
Everyone from Kate’s mom to sister to Prince Harry looked well groomed and well-dressed. DUH! This is the biggest wedding ever! Anyone see the bright yellow outfit worn by Queen Elizabeth? 🙂

From this day forward, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official title will be His/Her Royal Highness Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Congratulations to both of them – wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

p.s. the quality of the pictures aren’t the greatest – I was scrambling to find pictures while I was watching and before leaving for work. Yup, I’m a sucker for weddings.
Oh, and to those girls who think they’ve lost their chance at being a REAL princess (no Nouman, I meant a real one) – did you see how good Prince Harry looked? There’s still a chance!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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