The Official Wedding Portraits, The Royal Receptions and the Day After!

Now that the Royal wedding is finally over, we can all go back to our regular routines.

Yeah right. There’s still the Royal Reception to swoon over!

Sneak Peak of Kate heading off the the reception

But first, a recap of the wedding…

The image of Kate Middleton in the car with her dad and the image of Prince William with his bride at the altar are definitely the highlights for me. Also another memorable moment: the adorable flower girl who was pouting throughout the balcony scene.

We’ve all heard our friends, family, and experts weigh in on the wedding. Some people thought Kate’s dress didn’t have the “wow” factor or that her hair could’ve been better or her veil or whatever. I think we all have a picture in our head of what we want a princess to look like, BUT this was her day. She looked the way she wanted to look. Sure, she could’ve added a little more bling or a bigger pouf or held a bigger bouquet but that wouldn’t be her. From everything we have seen Kate wear in the last decade, her style has always been simple and understated. She never goes for a super dramatic or over-the-top look – she always looks effortlessly chic. I think her outfit choice was perfect for her.

Ultimately, it’s the happiness on the bride that everyone talks about. And Kate (and Prince William) sure did look happy!

Anyway, enough of my babble. On to more important things: the reception(s)!
Below are some pictures from the two receptions – one host by Queen Elizabeth and the second hosted by Prince Charles.

Cute getaway! Picture via
The younger Middleton (Pippa). She sure works out
This 8 tiered cake features 17 different flowers – each symbolizing a different quality. Picture via US Today
Prince Williams’ request – chocolate biscuit cake. Picture via
The men dressed up for the reception hosted by Prince Charles
Love her dress – simple with a hint of bling

According to the Palace, the couple have decided not to go on a honeymoon immediately after their wedding – gives them more privacy when they do decide to go I guess. Pictures of the two on Saturday, the day after their wedding, are below:

The couple taking a stroll on Saturday

The Middletons

Below are the official portraits from the wedding – talk about regal!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Picture via

Many people compare Kate to Princess Diana – and ofcourse are disappointed when they feel Kate falls short. It’s hard not to compare the two, but they are two very different women. In m opinion, Princess Diana had a charm that not many people have. She had a heart that led her to shed light to so many issues around the world. Kate seems like a genuinely nice person aswell – there’s no point in comparing her to Princess Diana.

I wish the couple well and hope that they utilize their power to make a difference.


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