The Modern Bride: Ribbons, Belts and Sashes

I wasn’t going to post this today – with all the craziness we have been through in the last week, I really wasn’t in the mood. But then, I realized that I was getting super annoyed (umm – the elections?!) and I’d rather think about something fun and nice. Hopefully, this will add some lightness to your day too 🙂

Now that the Royal Wedding and Reception have been analyzed from every angle, it’s time to move on!

I’ve been saving (for years) pictures of outfits for my jahez and so this post is related to a specific trend in bridal wear. Whether you are going to be a traditional Pakistani/Indian/South Asian bride or a “Western” bride, ribbons, belts and sashes are in.

You can dress up any outfit with a belt or sash, so why not apply the same concept to your wedding dress? We’ve all watched shows such as Say Yes To The Dress – as soon as the consultant adds a belt, ribbon or sash, the dress completely changes. It adds a bit of personality, femininity and a modern flair to your wedding dress. It’s also a great way to add a little bit of spark or a pop of colour to your outfit.

It’s great to see Pakistani Fashion Designers also starting to include this in their designs. Pakistani/Indian brides definitely don’t need the extra sparkle (the outfit is generally embellished enough), but its great for adding a little bit of personality, softness and sophistication.

Check out the bride below wearing a HSY outfit.



I’d love to see some more Pakistani/Indian outfits that incorporate belts, sashes and ribbons. Oh, and I’m totally getting some jahez outfits made that use this – provided the tailor knows what I’m talking about ofcourse! 🙂


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