E-shoot Sneak Peak

Our surprise: we did an engagement shoot with our gorgeous family friend – Hena Awan.

Hena, Nouman and I go WAY back – our families have been friends for as long as I can remember. We are part of the “KFF” clan, the “laowlies,” the “Kaneff Crew,” – you get the picture (or maybe you have no idea what I just said :)).

Anyway, we were surprised when Hena told us that she has decided to pursue photography. No, not because we didn’t think she was capable but because she is stunning – a person that you’d want to see infront of the camera, not behind. When she asked us if we would like to do an engagement shoot with her, we were super excited and ofcourse said yes! From the get-go, Nouman and I knew exactly what concept we wanted for the e-shoot (more on that in a later post).

We were a bit nervous before the shoot – What if it rains on Sunday? How are we supposed to pose? What should we (by we, I mean I. Nouman only picked out his clothes the night before – that too because I forced him) wear? We’ve known Hena all our life, is this going to be awkward?

Haha the answer: NOPE! Not at all. I have to say that it was such a pleasure working with Hena. From the instant we got to our location, she made us feel SO comfortable. All the nervousness and awkwardness we were feeling were totally forgotten – we had a blast! Hena was professional, easy-going and very accommodating of all our ideas (she encouraged us to do what we felt was ‘right’ with just enough guidance to capture the perfect picture).

Oh, and I must also add – has anyone tried to take engagement pictures while trying to keep everything Halal? Yup, it’s tough! But in all honesty, Hena was very, very, very understanding and had great creative ideas.

As the saying goes, pictures speak louder than words – when you see the images from our shoot, you’ll see for yourself just how talented and awesome she is.

Hena, you are so talented and so much fun to work with! Thank you so much – we both had an amazing experience and wish you continued success (InshAllah).

p.s. Hena/Nouman: Best friends – right Nouman? (Ha-ha)

Shoes Galore - since both of us are shoe lovers, it only make sense this is our Sneak Peak picture. Photography by Hena Awan

I'm so glad we share the love for shoes :). Photography by Hena Awan

I’ll be adding more pictures once I get them – along with our concept behind the locations 🙂


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