DIY Makeup: E-shoot

Initially, for our engagement shoot, I had a trial booked with a Makeup Artist. Due to some scheduling issues, I ended up not getting my makeup done by the makeup artist.

Instead, I opted to do my own makeup. I figured that I know how I want to look, so I’d give it a shot! I think it turned out pretty okay 🙂 Below are some pointers.
Side note: Even though I don’t use expensive or branded makeup, the products I use have worked just fine for me. Most likely, I will be investing in some good quality products as I get closer to the wedding.

The Basics

  • Primer, primer, primer. Under my foundation, I used Rimmels primer (under $10!) – it looks orange but once you put it on your skin, it doesn’t leave a colour. It worked well for me – gave me the smoothness I was looking for.
  • Foundation: I used Estee Lauder (my first time using this brand) – it was incredibly light and the colour matched well with my skin tone.
  • Eye Shadow Primer: I’ve never used any sort of eyeshadow primer before but it worked out nicely for me! The primer helped keep my eyeshadow on the whole day

The Eyes
I love dramatic eyes, so naturally I wanted to do a smokey eye. I opted for gold and black since both these colours would compliment my two outfits. I use my plain old fingers to blend my shadows – yup, oldschool.

I went for two looks. During the graffiti portion of our shoot, I chose bright pink lips to accent my bold pink heels.
For the second look, I dared to go bolder – red hot lips. My outfit and shoes were neutral colours – dark denim dress, black shrug and black leather sandals – so it made sense to add a pop of colour on my lips!

This picture was taken after I got home. My makeup had been on for around 8 hours


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