Would You Trust The Groom?

If anyone has noticed, I haven’t been updating the blog about our wedding preps. My recent blogs have mainly been about trends, real weddings (and my own engagement shoot) or other wedding related “stuff” … no posts about our personal struggles.

Well, the simple reason is because I’m procrastinating. I don’t know if anyone else has gone through this phase, but I really don’t want to think about our venues. Naturally, the only thing I can think about is how I’m procrastinating and really should get a move on with the planning. I’m blaming it on the weather, the crazy amount of time we’ve had to look at options (creating confusion), and the fact that I don’t really like making decisions. Add in some picky family members to the mix and we’ve got ourselves a mess.

So here’s an update on our situation…

We’re struggling to find the perfect venue for our wedding – we’re on a limited budget but want something grand. Not going to happen, right?

I agree – I’ve pretty much given up. Not to sound too depressing, we do have our “default” venue selected… so if all else fails, we will InshAllah go with that. The only reason why I haven’t already put down a deposit is because of two (lovely) people – Hafsa and Nouman.  Everytime I get annoyed and tell them that I’m putting down the deposit, they both give me this sad look and say “well, if you want to” (you know, in that annoying voice… that makes you second-guess your conviction?).

OR “it [the venue] doesn’t do anything for me… but sure, if you want to…”
OR “let’s wait – maybe we’ll find something else.”

You get the picture.

About one week ago, while I was trying to not think about the wedding, I got really frustrated. I was continuously complaining to Nouman and he suggested something. Can anyone guess what?

He said I should leave the venue hunting to him. I agreed.

Dun dun dunnn… This can go very wrong.

Basically, we’ve decided that for the next week or so – Nouman is in charge of finding the venue. At the end of the week, if he hasn’t found anything, we’re going to book the default hall.

Am I totally crazy? Would you trust the groom?


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