Engagement Shoot: Our Concept

As soon as Hena approached us about our e-shoot, I knew excactly what I wanted and that I wanted to do something with graffiti.

Why graffiti?
First, Nouman and I like to be unique – we don’t like doing things that everyone has done (we’ve all seen a million and one e-shoots at the park, distillery district, etc). Sure, some people have used graffiti as a background in their shoots, but we didn’t want it to be subtle. We wanted classy pictures with an edgy touch. Second, there is something really fun, dark, and unique about graffiti that always captures my attention. And most importantly, the colours are bold (everyone knows I love colour!) and the style is very us.

The main concept behind our shoot was that we wanted it to be a reflection of who we are. I have to give credit where it’s due: while the idea of working with graffiti was mine, the rest of the concept was Nouman.

A bit of background: Nouman is all about urban/hiphop (the “gangster” look in my opinion) and I’m compartively more modern/chic. We wanted our pictures to depict our personal styles but also our style together. The engagement shoot was about Nouman’s beginnings and how we have both changed and evolved into who we are now – together. Yup, you can say that this was about who Nouman was and how I changed him 🙂 Just kidding!

Our engagement shoot started off at Queen West (suggested by Hena) – us among the bold stylings of “urbanhood.” Nouman had various looks – him as he was in highschool and how he is now. In complete contrast, I wore what I would wear when I’m dressed up to go somewhere nice – dark jeans and bright coloured (pink) heels. We both had 2 shoe changes at Queen West… because simply, we both are shoe fanatics.

We later wanted to move to a different location, but since we were losing daylight, we went to the Financial District. We took pictures inside prominent buildings such as Brookfield Place and Union Station. This part of the shoot represents who we are now. Our outfits are dressier and are a better depiction of us on a night out.

Now that you have an understanding of our concept, stay tuned for our pictures!


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