Wedding Etiquettes: The Tardy Party

Ooooh yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Tardiness is a huge problem in the desi community – I mean, huge. Do you even remember the last time you arrived at the time stated on the invitation card? I don’t.

The unspoken South Asian code of timing is to add an extra hour to the start time you were given. So, if you are invited for 7pm sharp, we all know that we can arrive anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00 and still be considered “on time.” If you arrive before 7:30, you will be among the first few guests. If you actually arrive at 7pm, you are early – most likely, the host is wrapping up the prep work and/or just starting to get dressed. Yup, been there right?

Us sisters are really punctual. We are usually among the first few guests at dawats (parties)… and it sucks.

I don’t really understand why we do this – especially at weddings. There is usually a tight schedule that the bride/groom want to stick to on their big day, soooo why do we feel the need to adjust the day according to our own timings? Nooo idea.

Don’t do it.

Learn to be on time people.


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