My First Encounter: Hopeful “Guest”

It has happened guys!!

My first “lets-be-friends-so-I-can-get-an-invite” friend request just occurred this past week. Hilarious!

Basically, someone who I haven’t talked to in like 900 years approached me. I mean, if we had been really good friends in the past and this person was trying to reconnect with me, I would understand. But the fact that I have barely ever talked to this person and then they were all “buddy-buddy” – seems a little fishy, don’t you think? I think I have only talked to this person a few times in my life so I thought it was weird that they wanted to meet up and hang out.

I’ve been told I should expect this – so I laughed when I connected the dots!

Obviously, they are not getting an invite. No offense to anyone but I’m not a Royal – having a crazy ginormous (yes, ginormous is a word) guest-list isn’t in my budget.

Anyway, I am really exhausted today. I just got home from a work party (yes, I am typing this on Thursday night – not Friday morning) and am totally pooped (bad day yesterday: I was stuck on the GO Train for 2 hours!). I encountered my first official “wannabee guest” and had to post. I hear I will encounter many more! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


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