The Modern Bride: Hijabi Edition

An oxymoron? The last thing anyone thinks when they hear the word Modern is Hijab. But, ummm… why?

Well, I guess I know why:

We think Modern Bride = independent, in control, bold, chic, trendy, and someone who pushes boundaries.
On the contrary, Hijabi Bride = dependent, old-fashioned, plain, boring and conservative.

Regardless of what you claim to think when you hear about the Modern vs. Hijabi Bride, the truth is that many of us automatically associate the above words with both types of brides. As soon as we hear about a Hijabi friend getting married, how many of us instantly think, “the wedding won’t last long because she’s Hijabi and plus, it’ll be boring anyway”? A bit judgmental, don’t you think?

Anyway, as a Modern Hijabi bride (hah :)), I want to change people’s perspective. Someone who wears a Hijab can have a modern, chic and trendy wedding. Seriously.

There are two main things I wanted to touch upon on this post:

First: Hijab + your outfit. Many girls want to cover but struggle with the idea of wearing a Hijab and a scarf. Below, you will see many different ways of incorporating Hijab on your big day – covering vs. not covering the neck, having vs. not having a higher neckline, wearing vs. not wearing a hijab under the dupatta… you get the idea.

To Hijabi Brides: remember to try on your outfit (and hijab if you choose to wear one) several times before your wedding – there are so many different styles of covering yourself and yet still looking gorgeous. Practice makes perfect!

Second: While some brides opt to include music and dancing in their weddings, others do not. Just because there is no music and dancing does not mean the wedding will be boring. There are SO many different options for keeping your guests entertained throughout the night. Here are a few ideas: slideshows (always a hit), skits, live instrumental music (imagine a halal “band” playing live) or a capella style nasheeds, games for the bride and groom – just to name a few!

By setting her dupatta (veil) slightly forward, this bride gets coverage aswell as style. Photography by Alicia Cohen

If you have a plain dress, an intricate head-piece like this can be the perfect touch for a bit of bling

Check out the "teeka"

Gorgeous Feminine Gowns by Indonesian Designer, Irna La Perle. Picture via

More Hijab stylings coming soon! 🙂


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