I love Oprah.

Not to sound creepy or anything but I really do! I actually make time to watch The Oprah Show – if you ever call at 7pm on a weekday, and I don’t pick up, you know what I’m doing 🙂

As her show comes to an end (*tear*), I knew I had to blog about her.

So what is the big deal with the Oprah phenomenon?
She is a self-made woman who inspires other women to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe. In times when women were expected to fill a certain role or black people didn’t have the same opportunities as others, she was the voice that spoke on behalf of everyone. I think more than anything, I love that she has empowered so many people to go after their dream and to never give up on anything.

I also love that Oprah leads by example – she doesn’t only talk about giving to others, she actually gives back by donating and even building a new school; she doesn’t just tell other people to save, she is a big saver too (a woman who can probably eat out every meal in her life still chooses to bring her own lunch to work – pretty awesome!)… I could go on and on.

I know this sounds sappy (Hafsa), but I’m actually quite sad to see the Oprah Winfrey Show come to an end. I know we can continue to expect amazing things, but can I watch her awesomeness at 7pm every weekday? I don’t know…

The last 25 years (yup, that’s a long time!) have been amazing – Oprah has single-handedly influenced the thoughts and changed the lives of so many people. If only I could do the same! 🙂

A year or so ago, I was watching her show (I honestly can’t remember which episode) and I remember something clicked for me. Oprah was talking about taking responsibility for the space we hold here [Earth]… and Newtons 3rd Law of Motion: For every action, there is a reaction – or as Oprah said, for every thought I think, there is an equal reaction.

I thought about this for a while and realized that that is so true – every thought we have that moves into action, creates a reaction.
If I have a negative thought which then turns into a negative action, there will be a negative reaction (in other words: “tit for tat”). On the other hand, if I have a positive thought that goes into action, there will be a positive reaction.
Soooooooo basically the next time a girl makes you mad, instead of wasting time thinking of how to get her back or “teach her a lesson”, try to be nice – you will hopefully get a positive reaction. And trust me, I’m not stupid – I know girls can hold grudges until the end of life… but being positive towards someone else will eventually cause a positive reaction.

Although we all know this already, sometimes it helps to remind ourselves to help keep things in perspective.

I’m going to stop before I ramble on and on. It’s way past my bedtime.

I love Oprah for everything she has opened our hearts to 🙂


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