The Beauty of Dupatta: Dupatta Styles Part I

As mentioned earlier, this post is dedicated to Dupatta (Veil) Stylings. I love, love, love dupatta’s on brides. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to dupatta’s and brides – a girl doesn’t look like a bride unless she’s got a dupatta on her head. Yup, old school thinking… that’s me! There is no other time in your life when you will actually be putting on a dupatta on your head – so why not enjoy this rich part of our culture? 🙂

A week or so ago, I was talking to Sadia (one of my closest frands) who has recently started to wear a Hijab. She was wondering if I had pictures saved of brides that covered their hair, and ofcourse I did! So Sardia, this one is for you 🙂

I decided to make this a two-part post. This post is dedicated to gorgeous dupatta styles that cover hair (for those who wear Hijab :)). The second post will be about various dupatta settings that do show hair.

Ladies, make sure to remember that you can always modify a style that you like. If you like the look of a certain draping, you can always wear a Hijab cap under the dupatta or pull the dupatta more to the front to cover your hair. Same goes for neck – instead of wearing a turtleneck to cover, just get your tailor to make you a higher neckline.

You can't tell in this picture, but she is wearing a high neckline. Photography by Alicia Cohen

This is a great look for anyone who wants a traditional look. This doesn't cover the neck. Photography by Taimur Ahmed

Again, this doesn't cover the neck. This model is actually wearing a saree - so the "dupatta" is her pallu. She's also wearing a matha patti (gold headpiece).

By using a "forward" dupatta setting, this bride manages to cover her hair (yes, I know she's not Muslim). Photography by Garima Singh

Hijab Caps
These are great for brides. You can wear these under your dupatta – not only will the cap cover your hair, it is also great for keeping your dupatta/jewellery in place. There are 2 ways to wear it:
1) Match your cap to your outfit – you can either cover the cap entirely by setting your dupatta slightly forward or you can have the edge of your cap visible
2) Wear a black cap – this gives the illusion of hair.

A "bonnet cap" to wear under dupatta. Change the colour, material or pattern to match your outfit. Picture via

This bride is wearing a matching cap under her dupatta. The dupatta is set to the front - to hide the cap. Photography by AA Creation

This bride is actually wearing a tight fitted full cap (so it also covers the neck) under her dupatta. She is wearing a high neckline and yet still manages to rock all the jewellery. Photography by Tanvir Ali

On my baat pakki, I covered my hair but did not cover my neck area. I was supposed to wear a black headband (similar effect as a bonnet) under the dupatta, but completely forgot. I didn’t practice wearing the dupatta style prior to the event because Nouman’s family brought my outfit with them (I had my makeup done, but changed once I was given the dress). My dupatta setting: I had the dupatta set to the front – covering my hair. Mumma was busy being the host so one of my favouritest aunty’s helped set the dupatta on me. I placed the dupatta on my head to give aunty an idea of how I wanted it set, and she pinned away 🙂 She did an amazing job!

Baat Pakki



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