Sweet Wedding Moments: First Look

One of my most favouritest moments at a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle (or the dance floor at Pakistani weddings :)). I love the look of excitement, anticipation, and happiness on the bride’s face as she makes her way towards her man. What I love equally, is to get a peak of the groom as he watches his bride walking to him.

Such a beautiful moment.

Traditionally, a Pakistani bride and groom don’t see each other until after their wedding ceremony. Once they both agree to the marriage, the papers have been signed and hugs have been shared, the bride joins the groom. Nowadays, many couples prefer taking pictures together before the ceremony – so they opt to see each other prior to walking down the aisle.

While we both want to have our “couple shots” on the wedding day, I don’t think I can give up the idea of waiting to make my way down the aisle. Yes, I know we’ll be rushed if we take pictures after the ceremony… but the thought of Nouman being surprised (hopefully in a good way!) and my own anticipation of seeing him definitely wins over pre-wedding photoshoot.

Anyone else prefer to wait?

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One response to “Sweet Wedding Moments: First Look

  • Yusra

    hmm yea I think it’s better to wait , coz the look in his face will definitely be worht it ! but if you do that , then how will you find the good time to take the shoots ? I mean won’t u be in a rush ?
    As far as I have seen , when they take the shoots before they r more at ease …. but then the look is gone :p lol

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