When I say Jahaiz (trousseau), I’m not really referring to the traditional sense of the word – aka dowry demanded by the inlaws. Alhamdulilah my inlaws are awesome in that sense (as are most people these days! YEAY! :)). My use of the word Jahaiz in this post is in reference to my weddings clothes, shoes, purses, etc – read below for more clarification.

I spent the last 2 days cleaning up my closet and room. I figured it was time for a cleanse – not only does donating clothes/items that I barely ever wear give me space to buy new stuff, but it actually helps someone else.

Another reason for my cleanse was to start preparing for the wedding and post-wedding life. A big part of Pakistani tradition is the Jahaiz. When a girl is going to get married, she buys new clothes, shoes, purses and jewellery (pretty much gets a new wardrobe – yeay!) to take with her to her new home. The reasoning behind is to start a new life with new things.

Don’t worry, I won’t be buying new jeans or new t-shirts. The new items for my jahaiz are things like Shalwar Kameez (traditional Pakistani outfits). Also, since the sisters and I are around the same size, we share alot of things. So my jahaiz collection will also include things such as shoes, purses, makeup, etc. I guess if I think about it, after the wedding is when I will actually own things that are just mine. It’s a slightly weird concept for me… having grown up in our home, we share pretty much everything. Sure, we each have our own shoes and clothes… but I pretty much live in my sisters closet! I think 2 out of 5 days I probably borrow shirts and shoes; there is seldom a time when I’m wearing an outfit that’s completely mine. So yeah, this whole notion of having clothes/shoes/purses that are exclusively mine is a little weird!

Anyway, before I go off topic even more…

Since I was cleaning my room, I started to separate my clothes based on whether or not I will be taking it with me. I have three categories right now (yes, I actually labelled sections in my closet): Jahaiz (things that I have bought that I will use post-wedding), Unstitched (clothes that need to be stitched or altered for post-wedding stuff) and the rest are clothes for now.

Yup, you can call me crazy but I love organizing and making lists.

Shoe Galore! And yes, that's (yet another) list at the back


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