Bridal Party

I’ve been toying with this thought for a while – should we have a bridal party or not?

Traditionally, Pakistani (or any South Asian) weddings don’t have a concept of a bridal party. Having lived in the west however, we see bridal parties  at every wedding – including desi weddings. SO this leads me to the question: do we want a bridal party at our wedding?

Since our wedding is still far away, Nouman and I have only briefly discussed whether or not to have a bridal party. The one thing we both agree on: we don’t want a really big bridal party nor do we want an unbalanced one. When I say unbalanced, I mean having an unequal amount of groomsmen vs. bridesmaids. What can I say, I like symmetry! Too bad we don’t have the same amount of brothers and sisters or that would have been perfect.

What I like most about bridal parties is the way your wedding look is pulled together because of the wedding party. And ofcourse, it’s visually appealing to have a small bridal army in matching outfits 🙂

The issue for me, right now, is how big the bridal party can become. Should the bridal party be strictly friends? Or should I think about adding family too? Should it be only family?

I think for now, I’m leaning towards no bridal party 🙂

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