Review: Big Smoke Burger (formerly Craft Burger)

I just came back from AYCE sushi and then had 1.75 slices of pizza. I am stuffed and feeling slightly guilty (before you judge me, I did walk about 35 or so minutes… that counts as something, right?) so I thought I’d blog about food!

Last Friday, my team decided to order lunch from Craft Burger which is now known as Big Smoke Burger. This was my second time eating their veggie burger and I must say I really liked it!

Big Smoke Burger offers classic options such as Veggie, Chicken and Cheese burgers – with toppings of your choice. The first time I tried Big Smoke Burger, I opted to go for a Veggie Burger with tomato, lettuce, red onions, pickles, dijon mustard and ketchup as my toppings. I decided to go for the classic burger because I like to taste the veggie patty at new places – rather than get lost in the flavours of yummy sauces and crazy toppings.

The veggie patty was yummy – flavoured nicely, not dry or overcooked. The toppings were fresh (yeay!). The hand cut fries were slightly softer than I like, but pretty good. The classic veggie burger was $6.95 – add a fries and drink combo for $3.50 and the total sky rockets to slightly over $10 after taxes.

The second time I tried one of their Signature burgers. The great thing is that you can substitute any Signature burger for a lamb, chicken or veggie patty – yeay to options! I went with their “Crazy Burger” on a toasted whole wheat bun – jalapeno havarti, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce, hot peppers and lettuce. Coleslaw in a burger – can someone say crazyyyyy?! I have nothing but awesome things to say about this burger!

Actually, I did have one small complaint – the outer edge of the veggie patty was slightly burnt… but once I bit into the burger, it was SO good. The hot peppers and jalapeno peppers are a good contrast to the sweetness of the coleslaw and BBQ sauce. I was unsure of the taste when I first bit into the burger but after the 3rd or 4th bite, I was loving it. The flavours of the burger are definitely very different – so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to experiment with food, the Crazy Burger might not be for you.

Again, I got the fries and soda combo – the fries were plentiful and crispier than I remembered them. I liked them better! The Crazy Burger was $6.95, the substitute for the Veggie Patty was $1.50 and the fries and drink combo was $3.50 – the grand total for the Veggie Crazy Burger with fries and a drink was slightly above $13 after taxes. Yes, slightly pricier than your usual burger price but definitely worth it.

I have only ordered take-out from the Yonge location so I can’t say too much about the service. But, the service that I have received has been pleasant. We ordered for about 11 people on Friday, and everything went smoothly so I guess that’s good 🙂

I can’t wait to go again. Yummmm…

Sorry, not the greatest picture - I took it with my phone and didn't check how it came out until I was done eating. Typical.

I forgot to take a picture before I bit into it. Are you drooling yet?


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