The Modern Bride: Choos, Shoes, and More!

Back in the day, most people didn’t pay much attention to a brides’ shoes. Now, it’s the complete opposite. Most couples are flaunting their shoes – and why not? It’s your wedding day, you should dress to impress from head-to-toe!

So for those who don’t know Nouman (or me) that well, we’re both huge shoe lovers. I thought I was shoe-crazy, until I realized that Nouman is probably worse than I am. YUP! For the last year, I have been trying really hard to save for the wedding… so naturally, I haven’t bought too many shoes.

A little secret: I have already bought both my wedding and reception shoes! I know, you’re all thinking I’m crazy because I don’t even have my outfits yet but I do have an idea of my colours… sooo why not, right?!

The sandals I bought are typical timeless wedding shoes – nothing over-the-top or crazy. Classy, simple and very versatile. Every now and then, I go wacko and want something non-traditional – I think I may end up buying a pair “just-in-case.”

I am completely in love with Christian Louboutin shoes – sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

Check out some gorgeous bridal shoes below:

I love sparkly bridal shoes! These gorgeous heels are Jimmy Choos

I tried on this Steve Madden pump - LOVE.

Glittery Peep Toes by Steve Madden

Christian Louboutin

Studded White Satin Christian Louboutin


Check these Christian Louboutins - they are super trendy

Christian Louboutin 'Escandria' Satin Cranberry Pumps. Oooh so hot! I love ruffles these days



Is this funky or what? I love the ruffly bow at the back of these Christian Louboutins

Same Christian Louboutin as above but in hot pink. Hot!


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