Meltdown #1

I guess it had to happen – I had a pretty “emotional” weekend.

It hit me on Saturday that I have less than a year (InshAllah) left until the wedding and I have barely done anything. I also realized that next month is Ramadan, so my wedding planning will be pretty minimal – I’d rather be making the most of Ramadan than meeting with vendors. So with one month less than I had scheduled for myself, I panicked.

Here’s what was going through that crazy head of mine:

  • The realization that I have one less month than I thought… not to mention the fact that I am way behind on my to-do list. Yes, I still have almost a year. I know. But with the one-year mark past us, we need to get things done asap.
  • It also hit me that my mother-in-law is leaving soon which means Nouman and I have to finalize alot of things. Quickly.
  • I’ll be ordering my own bridal clothes before the end of this year (InshAllah) – while this is exciting (YEAY to shopping!), it is a huge task. I have always know what my 4 main outfits will look like (Mayoun, Mehendi, Shaadi and Valima), but I haven’t found a picture for 2 of my outfits. The picture is in my head – I have to somehow find a way to translate it onto paper and then get a tailor to understand me. Tougher than many of you might think. Thankfully, I have a talented sister who is going to help draw it out for me.
  • From the massive collection of pictures I have saved over the years, I have to narrow down what I want for my jahaiz outfits. Obviously, I am going to decide most of my jahaiz outfits at the store where I will get my clothes from. But, I do want to pick out my colours, certain styles, etc before.

The list is endless, so I’ll stop.

Basically, I started off by snapping at everyone on Saturday… which then led to me crying and laughing like a lunatic. It was actually pretty funny.

Just a little overwhelmed.


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2 responses to “Meltdown #1

  • Steph

    I’ve had a few meltdowns over the last few weeks. Now that we’re into 10 months I feel like there is no time left.
    Honestly, we just have to hope that everything will come together the way that its supposed to. Fact of the matter is, I don’t care about the wedding day so much as I care about being married to the man I love. Unfortunately, due to several family standards/wishes I have to do the big wedding day thing too.

    Good luck Shaza! I’m glad we can go through the same sort of thing together… even if you’re doing it x5!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Exactly, 10 months doesn’t seem that far anymore!
      We’ll get through it and everything will come together. Seems to be my mantra since Saturday.

      Thanks so much Steph – it feels good to share the same feelings with others like you 🙂

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