A Hairy Affair

Hair is an important topic of discussion in my own head. Yes, I know I wear a Hijab… but I still love doing my hair. We all spend hours grooming ourselves for other people, so why not for ourselves? 🙂

Anyway, all of us girls freak out about our hair on a regular basis – whether it’s because we’re going to a big party or someones wedding or just simply trying to impress someone :). I don’t know about you, but I always have a bad hair day when I have to go to an important event.

Ofcourse, along with everything else that has to be just-right on the wedding day, I want my hair to look good too. The way you set your hair and dupatta can make or break your look – in my opinion anyway.

On a personal note, Nouman hasn’t seen my hair ever since I started wearing my Hijab – it’ll be almost 7 years (Alhamdulilah) by our wedding rolls arouns – so I obviously want my hair to look good for him 🙂

Sooo this post is dedicated to figuring out how to get my hair long, healthy and shiny before the wedding. I figure 11 months is a good time for my hair to grow and get repaired, right?

For those who don’t know – I love playing around with my hair. I grow my hair down to my waist and then every 2-3 years I chop it off. I donated 13 inches of my hair about 1.5 years ago – and now I wish my hair would grow back faster!

Here are a few home remedies that I hope will help:

  • Coconut Oil – so apparently, coconut oil is a great for re-growth of damaged hair, bringing “shine” to your hair and is overall a great conditioner for hair (dry scalp and all :))
  • Mustard Seeds/Mustard Seed Oil and Henna Leaves – again, helps with the growth of hair. Some of my cousins use this technique
  • Regular Hair Trimmings: I think it is generally recommended to get a trim in 3-4 month intervals. I’ll be honest, I’m much lazier than that and generally stretch it out to 6 months. However, since I am so close to the wedding, I am hoping to stick to regular hair trims. Must get on that asap…
  • Eggs and Yoghurt: cracking an egg on your head with some yoghurt is supposed to be good. Errrr… I think I’ll skip this one!
  • Healthy Diet: Proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids (a teaspoon of fish oil is beneficial I’ve heard) and vitamin rich foods such as spinach, yoghurt, tomatoes, beans, etc.
  • Extensions: if all else fails, I might resort to extensions. Not sure how Nouman will react when he see’s pieces of my hair coming out… lol :p

Honestly, finding time for these remedies is a real big task.

Anyone have any other tips for me? 🙂

Heh :p


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6 responses to “A Hairy Affair

  • Zubair

    great post! thought i suggest you stop saying “in my opinion”. it IS your blog after all!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Thanks Zubair 🙂
      Yeah, I guess I should! I’ve been told I’m too blunt so I think I put that in there to “cushion” what I’m saying and not to offend people. But you’re right – it is MY blog after all 🙂

  • abeer

    Do not forget to keep your hair untangled! The most important part of hair care! This means trying not to work ur hair into a messy lather in the shower. Some people overlook this but its important not to!

  • yoshi

    Don’t let the icky-ness factor of the yogurt put you off! It’s good for dandruff, dry hair, strengthening the roots and is an all-natural hair conditioner. I’ve been using a yogurt+honey mask on my head for the past month or so, and my scalp and hair feel and look awesome. My hair’s never been so soft and manageable and itchy, dry winter scalp is no longer an issue.

    p.s. I always shampoo twice afterwards though. 🙂

    This video convinced me to give it a try:

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Yoshi,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ahhh.. my moms been trying to get me to use yoghurt but I just can’t myself to do it. I have heard it’s really amazing… I should definitely give it a try 😛
      Thanks for the video – I’ll check it out! 🙂

      ~ Shaza ~

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