Jonesing for Jewellery

An important aspect of bridal wear in the South Asian community is jewellery.

South Asian brides adorn themselves with jewellery from head to toe – literally! In addition to earrings, necklaces and rings, there are headpieces, nose rings and anklets.

On the weekend, Nouman and my family went wedding shopping around Gerrard Street (aka Little India). Mainly, we went to look at sherwani’s (traditional suits) and pagri’s (turban) for Nouman. But naturally, we also discussed jewellery! Noumans mom is so sweet – last time I told her one of my favourite colours and she got me something made in that colour. Awwwiee! 🙂

After all the jewellery talk on Saturday, I’m trying to finalize what I should and shouldn’t wear on the 4 days.

  • Mayoun – keeping it simple so no extravagant jewellery
  • Mehendi – I can’t decide what pieces to wear on this day. No jewellery? A little bit? A teeka? Hmmmmmmmmm…
  • Wedding – earrings, necklace, teeka and bracelets. Many brides wear jhoomars (headpiece worn on the side on the head) but I wear a Hijab, so I don’t want to.
  • Reception – same as the wedding I think but a slightly more delicate set

Any suggestions on what I should wear on my Mehendi? 🙂

The headpiece is called a Matha Patti. It wraps around the entire head

The jewellery piece on the forehead is called a teeka

Umrao Jaan. The jewellery worn on the hand is a Hath Panja






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