Welcome Aunties!

This post is about something very interesting (and awkward) that happened to me on Friday night, at a family friend dinner party.

I was chilling with the KFF girls when my mom called me over to the aunties table. As I bent over to talk to her, she said “Aunty ko batao… apne blog ki website (Tell aunty… the link to your blog).” I looked from her to the aunty and I’m pretty sure I had a smile stuck on my face as I replied, “uhhh… Shazas Scrapbook.”

Uh-oh. I had already said the name without even realizing what was going on.

Aunty: Acha… address kya hai beta (What is the website)?
Me: … bohot lambi hai (it’s really long). I was furiously trying to end this conversation asap.
Aunty: oho… lekhna parega. Beta, mujhe lekh ke daydo (I’ll have to write it down. Please write it out for me)
Me (with a smile stuck on my face): Jee. (Yes)

As I turned to walk away, someone else joined in…
Aunty #2: Beta, you have my daughter on facebook right?
Me: Jee
Aunty #2: Acha, usko bhaij daina. Mai usse kahoongi mujhe parh ke sunaye (Send your blog to my daughter on facebook. I’ll tell her to read it to me)

Aunty #1 and Aunty #2 both then proceeded to ask me what my blog was about.
I answered, smiled, nodded and walked away.

I was awkwarded out for the rest of the night.

I know, most of you are probably thinking… “um, your blog is public. Anyone, including aunties, can view it at anytime.”
Duhhhhh. I know that. Yes, my mom and a few close family members regularly read my blogs, but that’s different.  It’s slightly awkward having to tell an aunty that you know about your blog. I don’t exactly sugar coat anything on my blog, do I? Also, I’m sure that some of my views might be slightly too “modran” (modern) for certain aunties. It’s okay if I’m an unknown person to an unknown aunty… but as soon as my blog can become the topic of discussion among aunties at a dinner party, it can get uncomfortable.

That’s what was going through my head initially.

Later, as I thought about it some more, I realized that it might be a good thing. For one, I would love to have a wider range of an audience – it’s great to hear feedback from as many different groups of people as possible. For another, maybe this can help bridge the gap between the thinking styles of our generation and the aunty-generation. Lastly, on a lighter note, my blog might bring some laughter or distraction to an older audience! 🙂

p.s. I’m not sure if anyone’s mom is reading this but if you are, Welcome! 🙂


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