Review: Gerrard Street

Over the weekend, Nouman, my sister and I went to Gerrard Street with our moms to look at wedding stuff. I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t been to Gerrard Street for around 3 years so I was excited!

A little bit of background information: Gerrard Street is a street in Toronto that has alot of South Asian stores – clothes, shoes, jewellery, DVDs/CDs, books, food, etc. Naturally, it attracts lots of brides and grooms to be.

Anyway, we decided to go and check out different sherwani and pagri styles for Nouman. I was greatly disappointed.

If you’re looking for Pakistani clothes, don’t bother going to Gerrard. There is really nothing there. If you want to buy sarees, I’d recommend Chandan Fashion and NuCreation – they both seemed to carry a good variety. Other than that, there isn’t much!

Next stop for us will be Albion

Shopping Away!


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