Fasting: Day 1 – Iftar (Don’t read if you’re hungry!)

Iftar – the meal that breaks the fast.

It’s almost 9:45 pm and I have just settled down for a bit after Iftar. Alhamdulilah.
(Note: I wasn’t sure if I should or should not post pictures of our Iftar since I know many of you are fasting. I don’t want to make anyone feel hungry, so please stop reading as there are pictures of food at the end of this post! Come back once you break your fast :))

Sooo how did everyone’s first day go?
Alhamdulilah, mine went by really smoothly. Surprisingly, I didn’t get hungry or thirsty at all. YEAY! I did get extremely tired around 7pm – but I think that was because of the lack of sleep.

The one thing I love about Ramadan is how grateful we are for the food we have infront of us. On a regular day, we take food for granted – we all do. Even though I wasn’t hungry today, just the thought of eating after a day of fasting made me so much more grateful for everything.


It is crucial to also remember those people who do not have a table full of food to go home to. After a long day of fasting, we quench our thirst by drinking clean water or various juices and we eat to our hearts content to fill our appetite. Alhamdulilah. Unlike us, there are millions of people who are starving and do not even have access to clean water, let alone food.

We should be thankful for all that we have and keep in mind those who are less fortunate than us.

To those who are new to the concept of Ramadan/Iftar, below is a picture of our table all set up for Iftar!

Pakora's being made. A pakora is sort of like a fried fritter. You can take any vegetable (onion, potato, spinach, mushroom, eggplant or even eggs or cheese) and dip it in graham flour before deep frying it

Yummy Yummy! Almond stuffed dates, Channay (Chickpeas), Dahi Phulki (Dumplings in a Yoghurt sauce topped with tamarind sauce and ground cumin), "Fruit Chaat" (fruit salad), Mince meat samosa, Potato samosa, and a variety of Pakora's (onion, potato, green hot chilli peppers and we tried plantains for the first time)... and baklava


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