Ramadan Timetable

Random but funny story:
I went into our Meditation room yesterday to pray. Usually, there is no one there at the time I ago – which is perfect. Anyway, yesterday I was in a rush and my mind was somewhere else (not sure where exactly) and I quickly glanced over the door sign, it said “VACANT.” I didn’t even pause for a second to notice that the door was closed (it’s usually open when no one is inside) and barged straight into the room.

There was a split second of complete silence before I realized that ooops, I’m not alone in the room! There were some other guys in there praying. That moment of silence was sooo awkward. I then rushed outside and hung out near the couches.

I refused to make eye contact when they were leaving.

I’m not sure why this always happens to me. Around the beginning of this year, I used to walk in on a guy sleeping in the room. All the time.

Pretty funny and awkward!

Anyway, the post is not about me being my self so read on:

For those who are in the Mississauga area, below is a timetable with prayer timings.

Ramadan Timetable Courtesy of Isna Canada.

Click here for a PDF version to keep in your wallet, purse or at your desk at work 🙂

If you’re in another part of North America, you can use this link to find prayer timings.

Hope everyone’s 3rd day goes smoothly InshAllah 🙂


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