Ramadan: Fat Cutter

Fat Cutter – catchy name, right? Haha. I actually saw an ad for something called the “fat cutter” on one of my moms desi channels. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard it!

Anyway, this post isn’t about ways to reduce your fat. On the contrary, it’s about not focusing on your weight.

Many people look forward to Ramadan only as an avenue to losing weight. You’ve seen it around you – aunties and girls (uncles and guys too… but mainly females) look forward to Ramadan so they can become skinny. Aunties will share how much weight they’ve lost at their iftar parties while girls repeat the same old chant, “no, I haven’t lost any weight!”

While it is great to want to eat healthy and not overeat (recommended by Prophet Muhammad PBUH), we must remember the true reasons of why we fast. In their attempt to lose weight, people forget to do Ibadah. Counting calories, deliberately not eating enough and subjecting your body to harm is not what Ramadan is about.

On the other hand, over-eating (guilty!) should also be avoided.

Sooo instead of worrying about what you’re eating and how many calories you’re consuming, focus on building your taqwa, enhancing your good qualities and being generous with your charity.

Mumma's Lasagna... yummmm!!

Double Chocolate Cake


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