Ramadan: Benefits of Breaking Your Fast With Dates

It has long been a tradition in the Muslim community to break their fast with a date. It is a Sunnah; an act that was practiced by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Although Muslims have been opening their fast with dates for centuries, we have only recently realized the health benefits of doing so.
Soooo what are the health benefits? Check out a few below:

  • Due to it’s sugar content, dates give a burst of energy… which is much needed after a day of fasting
  • Sugar helps jump start the body’s digestive process and gives energy to deal with more complex foods eaten during iftaar
  • Dates are easy to digest so they don’t exhaust the fasting persons stomach
  • When our body absorbs the nutrients from the dates, the feeling of hunger is supposed to decrease. This helps curb excessive eating which is bad of our digestion
  • Dates are high in nutrients such as Vitamin A, potassium, iron, magnesium… and a whole bunch more!

The best way to break your fast (both from a sunnah and scientific point of view) is to pray after having 2-3 dates and drinking water – this gives your body enough time to absorb the nutrients, reduce binge eating and prepare your body to digest all the yummy food coming it’s way :). BUT, in all honesty, I don’t have enough patience so I just munch away!

I LOVE dates – plain or stuffed in breads and biscuits 🙂 YUM


Coated with pistachios

Check out more health benefits here.


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