Wedding Update

Now that Ramadan is done (Eid Mubarak everyone), it’s time for me to refocus on my wedding! An update on what I have accomplished in the past month:

  • Found a picture of a potential Valima dress! WOOT WOOT! I’m keeping an open mind when it comes to my reception outfit – I want to decide what I’ll get based on what I see in stores. BUT, I do have this awesome outfit now so if I can’t find anything to top that, I’ll stick to my picture 🙂
  • Bridal Shower Favours – can’t wait to share them on the blog once the shower takes place
  • Makeup

So here’s what I need to get done in September:

  • Finalize the dreaded guestlist – realistically, my parents aren’t going to finalize this anytime soon sooo I might aswell scratch this off the list
  • Start collecting addresses for the invites
  • Figure out Mehendi Venue
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Decor
  • Figure out what Nouman is wearing on the Mehendi and Shaadi (we have an idea of what style/colours we want)
  • 2 Mehendi decor DIY projects
  • Save the Dates
  • Start looking around for bridal shower decor
  • Tone, tone, tone! I have fallen way off track and need to start shaping up!! Instead of maintaining my weight, I put on almost 7 pounds in the last 30 months – ohhh Ramadan 🙂

Did I miss anything??


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3 responses to “Wedding Update

  • Tahira

    Please don’t get your hubby to wear some bright colour like (orange blue or red) for the nikka/barat ceremony. it looks ridiculous! get some decent colour like you know the normal colours guys wear like beige, black.

  • uzma

    aoa shaza

    can u recommend some good DIY mehndi decor items. I am not looking into spending so much for an intimate small mehndi. please help


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