Ghazal’s Sinfully Decadent Creations

I told you guys that today you will be treated something sweetfully delightful… so here goes:

Today, you get to see some of my talented sister’s cake creations!! Ghazal has been baking since she was really, really young – back when I’d be too busy eating candy and hadn’t even started thinking about boys let alone a wedding. Yup, she’s been baking for that long. She’s always loved experimenting with different ingredients and as she’s gotten older, she’s become really really good. Ghazal is very artistic so her awesomeness extends beyond cake making (check out these mehendi designs by her) – she loves to paint and is an amazing singer. MashAllah

Most of her cakes are extremely rich and sinfully decadent. However, she does bake alot of healthier alternatives too – i.e. low fat/sugar free cheesecake. But seriously, if you’re on my blog and I’m writing about Sinfully Decadent Creations, do you really think I’m counting my calories with this post?

Yeah, I didn’t thinkso.

Anywayyyy – without further ado, check out some of her creations below.

If you’d like to place an order,  you can contact her directly:
Ghazal – 416.910.4079 or

Ferrero Rocher Cake - Sinful flourless chocolate cake layered with a rich chocolate ganache topped with pieces of chocolate ferrero rocher and dark chocolate chips


Chocolate cigar cake - three layered moist chocolate cake layered with a rich chocolate ganache, decorated with chocolate cigars, and topped with chocolate covered almonds

A decadent Ferrero cake - layered moist white chocolate - dark chocolate cake, topped with layers of rich chocolate ganache and drizzled with white chocolate - finished off with pieces of Ferrero Rondoir and Rafaello

A peek inside

A rich four layer dark chocolate/ white chocolate cake layered with a decadent chocolate ganache and topped of with ferrero rondoir


Sliced and ready to devour!


Cake for a baby shower - Double chocolate cake layered with a dark chocolate ganache


Black and White Collection - a three layer rich chocolate Mocha cake with white chocolate ganache and some home-made fondant

Black and White Collection - same filling as the cake above but slightly less dressed up


Black and White Collection


Engagement Cake for one of my "besties" - Decadent four layered white dark chocolate & white chocolate cake sandwiched with layers of rich chocolate ganache


Everything is handmade and edible - the flowers, the designs, the bow, the date, the small blue and white balls (Hafsa and I made them!!) and the ring (including the diamond)!


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