Shaping Up: #3

I hope everyone had a good weekend – I sure did. It was super busy but so much fun. I thought I’d update everyone about my “toning up” efforts.

Seriously, what the heck.

Forget the fact that I’ve been eating ultra bad food, I’m not even trying to work out. I worked out twice last week – you’d think being so close to ordering my dresses would be motivation enough. Clearly not!

So today, I’m trying to take on a new approach:

I’m cleaning up the way I eat too. Hopefully, if more than one aspect of my life is enroute to being healthier, I’ll be motivated to maintain healthiness in all parts of life. So, if I eat healthier, I’ll (hopefully) want to workout and all that fun stuff. Makes sense?

I thought about what I can do to eat healthier and I’m going to be cutting out/drastically reducing my chocolate intakeĀ this week. If I average it out, I’m probably eating around 1 bar of chocolate/day (no, not 1 sqaure – an entire bar of chocolate). This doesn’t include all the junk I eat on the weekends.

Hopefully this will help motivate me.


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