Window Shopping for the Soulmate: The Rishta Process

If you liked my post about the Rishta Aunty, you’ll surely like this post. I think it’s time we explore the rishta hunting process.

I didn’t really go through the Rishta Process (RP) except the occasional:
Mumma: There’s a rishta for you
Me: *awkward smile* so?
Mumma: So look at this picture
Me and the sisters: “dekhainnnnn” (show usss)
*All look at the picture and start laughing like crazy*
Me: He’s old enough to be my dad!!!

Yup, true story. For some odd reason, I’ve gotten alot of older men rishta – we are talking you-should-be-ashamed-you’re-sending-a-rishta old.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me.

It’s about this whole concept of window shopping for girls (or boys) for your son (or daughter). You know how it goes down – your mom gets a call, there’s a rishta for you. The boy is an engineer from Waterloo, loves sports and wants a girl who has a job but is also very cultured. You both seem like the perfect match. Pictures and the boy’s “biodata” are exchanged, the mothers talk and the boy’s family is invited for chai. You fret about what to wear (sandals or no sandals? hair up or down? dressy or plain shalwar kameez?), how to make your entrance (should you even make an entrance?), what to talk about and what to serve with chai.

The family arrives, fake hugs and smiles are exchanged and then everyone is seated. As you sit down, you notice the mother visibly checking you out from head to toe. You think: Ummm, could she be a little more subtle?! As the evening progresses, everyone seems to be having a decent time – except the constant side glances of the mother, which you ignore.

As soon as the family leaves, your family bursts into a babble (devouring the leftover food as if you haven’t eaten in a month) and analyzes everyone and everything that was said. The boy was friendly, his mother looks really “chalak,” but the dad was so nice, and omg you and the sister have so much in common! This rishta seems to have some potential.

Now, the waiting game – your mom waits for the call and your dad tells you not to worry; when the time is right, it will happen. You wonder if they liked you? Were you too talkative? Hopefully you made the right outfit choice and looked thin…

You finally get the call – sorry, the boy thought you were too short.

What the heck? The boy is 5″6 and you’re 5″3 . Seriously, he’s complaining about short?

SO yeah, this one is for all the guys and their moms who window shop for girls. When you go to see a girl, remember that she is not on display. You probably already knew her height before you went to see her – so don’t go to see a girl just for the sake of going. It’s nerve wrecking and a rollercoaster ride for most girls.

Thankfully, the RP has become alot better now than it used to be back in the day. Mostly, the boy and the girl talk and the parents get involved only when they feel there is potential.

I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone – so don’t lose hope and goodluck with the search for your soulmate!


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2 responses to “Window Shopping for the Soulmate: The Rishta Process

  • lil-bee

    I love love loved this post 😀

    Please share some more stories if you have some, I loved the Rishta Aunty post as well 😛

    “The boy is 5″6 and you’re 5″3 . Seriously, he’s complaining about short?”

    LOL ^ yeah, I’m desi and 5″6 tends to be tall for guys (most Bengali boys anyway, unfortunately) .. I’m guessing the real reason was that 5″3 is too tall (in comparison to his shortness).

    I’m 5″4 (short for normal people, apparently mahussive giant for a desi chick) so I forsee this problem in the future :O

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Aww thanks so much! 🙂 Definitely will be posting more in the future.
      When the right person comes along, the physical attributes barely matter (I won’t say they don’t matter at all because being physically attracted to your spouse is important!)

      ~ Shaza ~

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