Must Have Mosturizer

Two weekends ago, on my friends (Sadia) engagement day, I decided to put foundation on my face. I don’t normally put foundation all over my face (except big events) but considering the fact that:

  1. this was an engagement,
  2. I was stressing out for Sadia and didn’t get much sleep, and
  3. I was running around all day, I decided to put foundation on my face.

As Sadia was getting her makeup done, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and freaked out. Seriously. My face was so dry that you could see the foundation creasing majorly under my eyes. We are talking extreme dryness – the area around/under my eyes was flaking. Yup, pretty nasty.

Since that day, I noticed my face has become really dry – must be the weather change. I don’t really have a go-to moisturizer but I’m in obvious need for one.
Soooo any recommendations?


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2 responses to “Must Have Mosturizer

  • cherie

    Try virgin cold-pressed rosehip oil..I use the one by Divine Essence and it’s worked wonders for me skin. I got my bottle from the Big Carrot on the Danforth and it leaves my skin moisturized and glowing. I hate the greasy, heavy feeling..what I like is something that goes on and yet still feels like I have nothing on. In spite of being an oil, this feels light on the skin, so it’s a winner in my books. 🙂

    And if your skin is really, really dry, then try palmer’s cocoa’s my go to for the brittle winter skin and usually only takes 1-2 overnight applications to restore my skin to a beautiful glow.

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Cherie,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ooohh thanks for the tip – I also hate the greasy feel of oils/body butters. I’ll give Divine Essence a try.. hopefully it works! I’ve actually used Palmer’s cocoa butter… definitely works in the winter!

      ~ Shaza ~

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