Featured Photographer: Five Rivers Studio

Nouman and I really need to get a move on booking our photographer… no idea why we’re procrastinating but this post isn’t about us (aren’t you all happy to hear that?! :P)

Anyway, I wanted to share an amazing photographer with you guys. Yes, I know I say that alot … I guess there are alot of talented people in the GTA 🙂

Five Rivers Studio
does photojournalistic style wedding photography. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking but I will say this: I contacted Five Rivers and everytime I have, I LOVED how fast I got a response. You know how it is with desi vendors, you chase them because they don’t respond. You only get a response when you threaten to take your business elsewhere. I have received nothing but extremely fast responses from Five Rivers Studio. To top it off, I love that Five Rivers is extremely flexible – they try to work with you and your budget. Lastly, I love the artistic eye Baz (from Five Rivers Studio) has. Pretty awesome.

Enough of my jabbering though – have a look at the stunning pictures!

Kismet Shoot

Kismet Shoot

Kismet Shoot - I really don't like such bright colours on guys but this guy looks hot.

Kismet Shoot

Kismet Shoot

I LOVE this picture - this was taken in the middle of winter!

Some wedding shots:

I love mysterious-men shots



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