Venting Session – Not Really.

I realized that I haven’t updated you guys on my wedding planning – and alot of you have been asking. So here goes:

I had a medium panic attack last week. I say medium because it was nowhere as severe as the one I had a few months ago but it was not small enough for me to just shrug off.

I think what caused my anxiety is the realization that I have around 8 months to go (InshAllah) and not alot done. Ahhhh!! Just thinking about it right now is making me anxious.

Anyway, 3 things that brought upon this realization:

  1. I met alot of people over the last month (due to Eid and other events) and I was asked about my wedding preps and how far along I am. I know everyone was asking me to see if they can help in anyway (thank you so much for everyone’s offers!) but I panicked. I realized that I don’t have much done and even though I always got the response “don’t worry, you have alot of time!”, I still freaked out. I’m crazy, I know.
  2. I spend alot of time on wedding blogs and websites and I freak out when I realize that people getting married around the same time as me have so much more done than I could have imagined.
  3. I am way off the schedule I had set for myself when we first got baat pakki’d. I like schedules, lists and pre-planning. I don’t like chaos and last minute stuff. Sooo when I go off schedule, I feel unbalanced.

So here’s my game plan for the next few weeks:

  • Must pester parents for guestlist: Okay, seriously. What the heck. Not sure what is going on but m parents are just not on top of the guestlist business. Sure, it’s great to invite all your relatives back home but I need a headcount of who will actually be able to come to the wedding. I mean physically be here. We probably have around 50 or so people (this number is completely made up. I have no idea where or who some of these uncles and aunties are) who are invited but don’t live in the same country – are they really coming?!
  • Must figure out Mehendi hall: Completely my fault. Not sure what is going on with me either. This is SO unlike me. I’ve had over a year to plan… no mehendi hall?! Nouman and I really don’t want to look at more halls (we must have been to over 15 venues for our shaadi and valima) sooo any help would be appreciated! I may just pick Chandni (to Nouman and Hafsa’s horror :)) because I can’t be bothered to venue hunt anymore
  • Photographer: What’s going on with wedding photographers in the GTA? Why is everyone SO overpriced? The fact that you picked up an SLR from future shop and have no actual training in photography means that I don’t want to spend $5,000 on you. Especially when you spend half the night getting “detail” shots and forget that there’s an important ritual happening on stage. Jus sayin.
  • Decor: Umm yeah. Must find a decorator. More importantly, I must find a decorator that doesn’t charge $3000 to put up a simple backdrop.

There’s a bunch of other things I need to do… but this will do for now.

Hope you all have an awesome (long) weekend! 🙂

Can't wait for this day!


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7 responses to “Venting Session – Not Really.

  • pennywisedulhan

    Breathe! It will all come together in the end.

    My decorator experience was the WORST. Try The Perfect Setting. Their simple stages start much less than $1500. I wish I had hired them!

    I used Chandni for my mehndi. They are unorganized and not great at customer service but are definitely the best value for money- clean hall, good food, coloured linens are included. They also have a bunch of decorative couches to choose from if you want, so you don’t have to pay a decorator $400 for it. You just have to be firm with them and get everything in writing.

    Good luck!

  • pennywisedulhan

    Oops sorry, I meant, they start at $1500, which is much less than $3000!

  • Fatema

    Try hidden treasures. They had my hall decorated well before guests arrived for my walima allowing me a sneak peak at their work. Pricing was great as was the plan of what my package included. I liked that we only had two meetings opposed o numerous meetings to discuss the same thing over and over again.

  • Amy

    Hello Shaza! I found your blog via babblingbride. I’m also amidst the wedding planning mayhem, and have found that talking to other soon-to-be-brides is very helpful. I noticed you were stressing about your photographer. I just booked mine, and her prices are very reasonable! Check her out, and tell her Amy sent you:

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Amy!
      I agree – it totally helps venting and discussing idea’s with other bride-to-bes. Yup, very stressed about getting our photographer finalized – with 3 days to cover, costs add up! Thanks so much for the link, I’ll check her out 🙂 Happy planning!!

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