Pakistani Wedding Traditions: The Smell of A Bride

You’re probably wondering what the heck I mean by “the smell of a bride.”

Growing up, I remember visiting Pakistan during the summertime and being swarmed with a million weddings. Besides the craziness that comes with weddings, the one thing that jumps out from my memory the most is the smell associated with brides (and weddings) in Pakistan.

If you’ve attended even 1 wedding there, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Bringing home a dulhan (bride) is a pretty big deal in our culture. Children, neighbours and relatives look forward to the day the bride finally comes to their house.

In preparation of the bride’s homecoming, her entire bedroom is decorated with flowers – especially roses. We are talking about strings of flowers hanging from the ceiling to the floor! Most homes in Pakistan don’t have central AC, they use unit AC’s (or “through wall ACs). I loved that the grooms family would turn on the AC in the brides room before heading out to the wedding so that the room is a cool temperature and so the flowers stay fresh. Coming home, with the bride, to a room that smells SO good always felt amazing. The next morning, once the couple is all dressed up, all the children (and aunties) would come into the room and stare at the bride. Each time, I remember thinking: wow, the bride smells so good!

This smell, the smell of fresh roses, is what I associate with brides and weddings.

*This picture is not my own


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