Bridal Couture Week 2011: Mona Imran

Before I start sharing the pictures from Mona Imran’s collection, I thought I’d give everyone a quick update on my wedding planning:

I had a complete freakout session on the weekend. Don’t judge me! The reason I panicked this time is because I found out that 2 vendors that I liked were booked for my wedding day!! Obviously, I started to stress majorly because this means that I need to get my butt moving and finalize things – or else I won’t be working with vendors of my choice. Don’t worry, this time I’m not just freaking out without taking any action. I have booked numerous meetings this week/weekend and have been calling EVERYONE. It’s hard finding the right person for the right price though – darn, WHY do us Pakistani’s have 3 day weddings again?! Anywayy…. onto CLOTHES (oh right, I wanted a 3 day wedding because I didn’t want to compromise wearing 3 outfits! Sigh).

I hope you had the chance to look at Kosain Kazmi and Gulzeb Asif’s collection. It’s time to have a look at Mona Imran now! 🙂

My thoughts: the colours are definitely more subtle than the previous 2 collections I posted. I’m glad the softer nude colours are still in – I’m totally getting a few nude coloured outfits for my jahaiz InshAllah!

Ooo lookie - who's in the doli?!


Check out the guys in the back haha


*Images via AFP


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