Bridal Jewellery: Nath

I’ve been debating about wearing a Nath (nosering) on the shaadi day.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to wear a nath – simple because it’s traditional. Back in those days though, every bride used to wear it. Nowadays, the concept of a large nosering is rarely seen in reality. You know the type if nath I’m talking about, right? A simple/plain gold nath with 3 “balls” at the bottom.

Sooo should I wear a nath or not?! I keep going back and forth between my decision. Confession: I have a nath at home and I parade around my house in it sometimes. Haha. I definitely don’t look glamorous or elegant –Β  but hey, with my curly hair, glasses and ripped old PJs, it would be hard for me to look classy in anything.

For now, I think I’m leaning towards a yes.


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10 responses to “Bridal Jewellery: Nath

  • pennywisedulhan

    I wore one and got so many compliments. It’s so vintage and beautiful! Go for it!!

  • Yusra

    yea I think you should before your wedding try the whole thing ( outfit nd jewellery ) nd also put a nath . then u’ll see how it looks like ! I personally believe it looks beautiful but not always ! so you should c how it will all look then decide πŸ˜‰

  • taz

    hey so did you wear a nath??? i’m wanting to wear one too but still unsure as i dont know if i will suit it. also want one without having to get my nose pierced and i want a plain one not with dangly bits on the chain id rather it be as simple as possible think it looks too much otherwise. no idea where i will find one of those though :-s

    aaagh so much to plan, outfit, jewellery, shoes… everything lol!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hey Taz,
      Haven’t gotten married yet – I think I’m leaning towards not wearing it! Actually all of them come plain, and then you add the dangly balls – so finding a plain one should be easy if you go to an Indian/Pakistani Jewellery store πŸ™‚
      Aww goodluck – it IS alot of planning but you’ll do great! Stay organized and everything will turn out just as you wanted

      ~ Shaza ~

  • taz

    Awww thanks sweetie, goodluck to you too hope everything works out perfectly πŸ™‚

  • uzma

    hey shaza

    i’ve been following ur blog and it is so very helpful for the brides-to-be’s! Thanks a bunch for all ur tips.

    Can u tell me where i can buy a nath in toronto?!? I have no clue and really want to wear one. I don’t want it in gold..
    Pleas help me out!

    -can u reply back to me email address. thanks

  • loly

    Hi, i have seen a lot of naths in Indian weddings but not in pakistanies, is common to see it in pak weddings too? i live in Mexico and dont know too much about it but i think is so cute!!!

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