Tips for Your Engagement

I thought I’d shift gears slightly and post something that will help all you brides-to-be. When I look back at the craziness of my baat pakki, I always have a smile on my face – it was a rushed event on a weekday, but it was really special to both the Mr. and I. Just like any other bride though, I did make some mistakes and wanted to give you all pointers.

  • If you’re doing your own hair/makeup, make sure you practice before hand. I didn’t do a trial run through of my makeup prior to my baat pakki, but no regrets on my end. I’m really comfortable with doing my own makeup so I didn’t feel the need to do a trial. I did think of the colours and what I wanted.
  • Make sure you wear primer!! My Mistake: I didn’t – I didn’t even own a primer back then (2010). By the end of the night, my makeup was melting off my face. Thankfully, it was a small affair!! If you’re getting your makeup done professionally, stress on the importance of a primer because I’ve seen some places skip out on that. Between a million camera flashes pointed at you and sweat caused by nerves, you’ll be wanting heavy coverage for sure.
  • Dupatta Setting: If you’re setting your own dupatta, practice! Check out my post on DIY Dupatta Settings. Remember: the weight of your dupatta is key on how well it holds up.
  • Side Burns: get rid of them. Or atleast tuck them behind your ears. They WILL show up in your pictures.
  • Lighting: make sure you know where you/your fiance will be setting at the event. A few days prior to your event, take pictures of you sitting in that area at around the same time the event will take place. This will give you an idea of how the lighting will be. Add more lighting if you think it’s required – no, you don’t need to go out and buy lights. You can use lamps from around your house. If you really want to, you can always buy flood lights from Canadian Tire! 🙂
  • Manicure: you’re getting the rock, EVERYONE will want to look at your engagement ring. Make sure your nails are picture perfect.
  • Posture: keep a straight back – you are going to be photographed all night. My Mistake: I kept slouching during my event – it’s not pretty in pictures! Ask a sister or friend to signal to you when you’re slouching… this way, there are 2 people (you and your sister/friend) making sure your posture is good.
  • Shoes: keep your shoes on and insist that your fiance keep his on too! My Mistake: While I kept my shoes on, the Mr. took off his shoes. I think my mom told him to keep his on but he takalufed and kept them off. Doesn’t look the greatest in pictures
  • Pictures: it’s best to either hire a photographer or appoint a designated person to take the pictures. My Mistake: at our baat pakki, there were lots of cameras. But, in all the craziness, we forgot to take family group shots! I’d suggest hiring a photographer or asking a friend with an SLR to capture all the moments. If you’d like suggestions for some budget friendly photographers, contact me.
  • Spoons: always have spoons ready for mithai-feeding time! My Mistake: We forgot to have spoons/toothpicks… and only realized it when my dad was trying to feed mithai to us. The laddoo broke in his hand and he was like… ummm can I get a spoon?!

I got this tray for $1 from the dollar store!


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