Update: Crunch Time

I am SO tired people! It’s time to update you on my wedding planning progress.

I have been super busy – meeting decorators and photographers all over the place. By the end of this week, I need to have my photographer, videographer and decorator booked. Ahhhh… that’s about 4 days away!!

My main concern is finding a photographer. I have narrowed down my choice to 2 photographers and I can’t seem to decide between the 2. Both have their pros and cons obviously… and I seem to be driving myself (and Nouman/my family) crazy because I am so confused. Some things that are making it hard for me to decide: price (uh, have you seen the prices some photographers charge?!), leniency (some photographers really don’t “go with the flow”), crappy albums (I don’t know why people came up with “storybook” albums – they are nice but for my wedding, I want a good quality album. No, I don’t want to pay $1,500 for it), and personality (must get along with photographer!). Sigh. So confused!!

As for decorators, my advice: don’t look around. If you like someones work, go see them and book them! Referrals are a great way to determine the style matches what you want and whether or not someone is within your budget. Trust me, there are some decorators that will charge you ridiculous amounts… and hey, if you have the budget, go for them! For the rest of us that are on a budget, referrals are awesome. I found that the more I look, the more I want and the more I get confused.

p.s. I didn’t think I was stressed but my face looks like Toblerone these days – full of spots everywhere – sooo I guess I must be stressed. The same thing happened to me in March when I was trying to finalize my venue. Man, my face is not a pretty sight these days!!



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