Wedding Etiquette: Looking at Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

By now, everyone in the world knows that Kim Kardashians’ married life is over – in just 72 days [insert desi moms voice: “Aaj kal ke bachay… *tsk tsk*… bilkul bhi compromise nahi karna ata. Hamaray zamanay mai bohot sabr kartai thai” <– loosely translated: “Kids these days don’t compromise at all – we had alot more patience in our time“]. I’m sure the male population is extremely happy – ahem, Nouman.

I’ve never watched the Kardashian show but honestly, you’re not surprised, are you?

Yeah, I wasn’t either.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be writing about her divorce except that it raises a good question: should Kim Kardashian return all her wedding gifts?! What are the proper etiquette’s if you divorce in such a short span of time?

According to some etiquette experts (whoever that is), unused wedding presents should be returned if the marriage dissolves in less than 1 year (some say 6 months). Others say that she should keep them.

My opinion? She should keep the presents! Sure, her wedding ended so fast that we’re all suspicious of why she even got married… but a present is a present. Seriously, people shouldn’t be expecting to get gifts back. If the wedding had been cancelled (i.e. the wedding never took place), then it’s definitely rude not to return the presents. Since Kim’s wedding did take place, I think she should be keeping the presents. When you give a present, you don’t give it with a return policy attached to it – there is no refunding back if the marriage fails in 90 days. For that, you need to go to Walmart.

Obviously, I’m using Kim as an example – yes, her marriage seems dodgy but if it was just a random couple you know, I really don’t think I’d expect them to return my gift. One thing she (and any other couple in Kim’s position) should do: send her guests a card – thanking them for coming to her wedding but also informing that the marriage has ended (like they don’t know anyway).

According to ABC, Kim Kardashian is donating her wedding gifts to charity – who would’ve thunk it?!

What do you think? Return gifts or no?!

p.s. what is with people saying they feel betrayed?! Are you kidding me 😐 YOU wasted your time watching her wedding, she doesn’t owe YOU an explanation. Geeeeeeeeeez.


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